Attached are some common questions.  Please feel free to contact us for more clarification or confirmation for your event.

Do you have backup a system?

For all shows, large and small, our systems have redundancy and we travel with a back-up mixer to ensure that we can always get your show done. We also run sensitive equipment, including the power for the instruments, through a voltage regulator/conditioner.

What do I need to bring to a show?

Bring your instruments and instrument cables. This would include a guitar cable for the acoustic guitar going into a DI box. For most shows, there are not music stands or chair/stools so be sure to bring them. Feel free to bring your favorite mic stand (w/ipad & drink holder) & we will accommodate your favorite mic if it is of good quality.

What is included when YourSoundMan provides the sound system?

We bring the full sound system that projects to the audience often referred to as FOH system (Front of House). We bring floor monitors (usually 4) with individual mixes.

What if I have questions before the show?

Feel free to text Keith at (914) 204-2368 or send an email to [email protected]. Day of the show it is better to text as I often will not hear the ring but I will see your text as I check regularly.

What if it rains on my outdoor event?

Rain, Rain, Go Away…… urgh, I get it - and want to work with you. We need to work together on this. For most shows, if you cancel 4 hours prior to the show, there is no charge – yes – no charge. After 4 hours we are already loading out and on the way to your show and payment is expected. We do everything possible to get your show in. We watch the weather, adjust our equipment, and often start taking down duplicate speakers while a storm is headed our way to reduce the risk. Ultimately we reserve the right to stop a show and start packing/covering equipment due to impending storm. Some storms are fast & heavy so we can’t wait until it starts sprinkling to make the call. We are not responsible for the band equipment. The band is responsible for their equipment.

May I supply dates that are tentative?

Yes, we love early indication for dates. If you have a date you are considering, please get it to us. No obligation. We will call you if we get a second request for that day at which time you will need to make a decision.

What is our power requirements?

For small shows (night club, small outside), a 120V 15 amp is sufficient and 20 Amp is preferred.  Larger shows we request two 120V 15 amp or 20 amp service.

May I connect in my Ipod/phone to play my personal playlist?

Yes, we always have a 1/8” earphone jack to connect your player to our system. New I-phones require a dongle that we request you bring yours as some phones are temperamental. We often have one with us but please bring yours as well.

Am I able to play/sing to tracks?

Yes, we do this often. Please supply your tracks prior to the show (email) such that we can have them pre-loaded into our system.

What do you need to know from the band?

It is easiest if you supply the name of each person, the instruments they play, and if they require a vocal mic. For Example:
1) Timmy, acoustic guitar thru DI, electric guitar, Lead singer on songs
2) Mary, Keyboard w/Amp, also lead singer on songs

Do you mic the instruments?

Yes, we mic the guitar amps, DI from bass amp & keys, and fully mic the drums.

What time does the band need to arrive?

Please have your instruments set in place 1 hour prior to either 1) start of show or 2) arrival of guests for weddings and such. This allows us 30 minutes to mic the instruments, have the sound check for 15 minutes, then break awaiting the start.

Do I need to bring an amp for my keyboard?

It is up to you.  I usually supply a monitor for keyboards so you are welcome to listen through that.  Often folks prefer to use their own as they are more comfortable with it.