Why I Do This

I was reading an article in a Sound Magazine about Studio & Live Engineering skills and how they are different. Mathew Kettle wrote this that captures well why I enjoy doing this for you.

"The excitement and energy of live shows is immense. Everything has to work, on time, every time, no matter what. Nothing beats the excitement of holding your finger over the mute button, as the band walk on stage. You put lots of effort into making sure everything works well and sounds great, but you never really know what's going to happen until they strike the first note. The buzz you get from standing behind a desk, in the middle of a festival field full of people going crazy is unbeatable."

I feel this whether I am doing a large show or a small club. I welcome the opportunity to bring this excitment to your event.
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Who Am I?


After many weeks of practice it's now time for your performance. Let me take the worry out of your equipment setup and ensure you sound your best. It is my pleasure to bring professional sound engineering to your show. Contact Keith Heilmann at Keith@yoursoundman.com if I can help you with your show.